Artist Statement

I am Amber Bijl, visual artist.
Born in 1983, I grew up in a family where art is a central theme. My father was head of restorations at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for a while, before starting his own restoration studio. My brother and my mother jointly run an art gallery in seventeenth-century paintings. And I knew from the age of four that I wanted to have my own studio just like my father, but to make art myself. Since 2009 this studio is a fact.

Central theme in my work is Nature. My connection with this theme can be seen in my choice of materials and the appearance and texture of the art objects I create. Nature is a source of energy and inspiration, of growth and renewal on the one hand and of peace and serenity on the other. I feel connected to Nature through my work and I hear from people who have a work of mine in their home that the object brings them the same feeling of connection.

Maple seeds
Take for example my artworks based on Maple seeds. In a single work, over 30,000 individual maple seeds are carefully processed. For me, this is a process where I completely isolate myself and work from a flow. It is very Zen, and has something meditative about it. This is also visible and tangible in the final result; a contemporary art object with a strong natural dimension, which in terms of appearance also has similarities with Ethnography.
The works carry the aspect of growth and renewal within them. After all, every seed has the potential to develop into a tree, and then to bear seed itself. Under the right conditions, something big can emerge from something small. How inspiring.
But if you hang the artwork on the wall in your living environment, it will radiate peace and serenity. Light, both during the day from natural light and at night from lamplight, creates wall art with a dynamic appearance. The wall object thus conveys an ever-changing energy, but always from a natural tranquility. Compare it to the peace of rustling trees or rippling water.

Capiz shells
Another example are the wall objects made of Capiz shells. Here, too, a large amount of shells are processed in an almost meditative way, giving the work a sense of peace and serenity. Because of its cooler appearance, the Capiz shell gives a different energy and a look, which perhaps feels even more contemporary, especially combined with the sleek design. Because of the diffuse transparency of the shells, the changing dynamics of light throughout the day is also an important aspect here.

Recently I shifted focus also towards the use and application of Wool. A natural material known for comfort and warmth. Wool is so nice to touch and wear, but also to look at. An object made of Wool fits every interior depending on the colors used in the object.

The success of my work as a visual artist can be concluded from international exhibitions at various art galleries. Several interior architects also incorporated my work into their designs. My work appears to be easy to combine with various interior styles. The wall objects found their way into interiors with a modern, a timeless or an eclectic character, among others. The natural forms and small imperfections of the work also fit particularly well with a Wabi Sabi interior.